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New York Department of State Educational Licensing Requirements

All real estate salespersons and brokers who are required to complete 22.5 hours of approved CE during each 2 year license period MUST include 3.0 hours of approved Fair Housing course work.  Effective January 1, 2017 "agency related instruction" must also be included in the 22.5 hours.  Individuals that are renewing their license for the first time, two hours of "agency related instruction" are required.  For renewals subsequent to the first time, only one hour of "agency related instruction" is required.

We will be offering several classroom CE courses in 2017 and many of them fulfill  the core courses mentioned above.  We also offer online courses for all of your continuing educaton needs.

Individuals who hold a real estate appraiser license or certification must complete 28 hours of approved CE within each two year license period.  The 7 hour USPAP Update Course must be completed during each two year period.  This course can be applied toward the 28 hours of required CE.  Several of our classroom courses are approved for appraisers and we also offer online appraiser CE courses as well.

For more information regarding licensure requirements call the NY Department of State at 1-518-486-3803 or visit their website at www.dos.ny.gov

National Association of REALTORS® Educational Requirements

REALTORS®, this includes appraisers as well as real estate licensees, are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within each two-year cycle (the current four-year cycle is from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018). The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).   Note- there is NO GRANDFATHER CLAUSE for this requirement! 

For 2017 we will provide our members with four options to fulfill this NAR mandatory ethics requirement.

  • 6.0 CE hr. classroom course "Code of Ethics & Professional Standards Training, March 28, 2017
  • 3.0 CE hr. classroom course "Understanding Ethical Dilemmas for Realtors".  October 12, 2017
  • 3.0 CE hr. Ethics Course Online through the CE shop this course also satisfies one hour of agency. 
  • Take a FREE online course through NAR at www.realtor.org (Note this FREE course does not carry any CE credit)

Below is a list of members of the Elmira-Corning Association of REALTORS® who have fulfilled their ethics requirement for the current cycle, January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2018.  If you have any questions please call Sandy at 607-562-7035.

(LAST UPDATED (11/20/2017)

Sharon Allen 10/12/2017
Brenda Alteri 11/10/2017
Art Ambrose 10/12/2017
Patrick Anderson 07/08/2017
Stephen Bandoo 07/24/2017
Marnie Barber 03/30/2017
Judy Barron 10/12/2017
Paul Barton 09/21/2017
Michael Belosky 10/12/2017
Mary Blake 10/12/2017
Elliott Blauvelt 10/12/2017
Nancy Bohlayer 10/12/2017
Terry Bolt 02/10/2017
Alexis Bortle 05/10/2017
Tina Breon 09/22/2017
Nicholas Brown 08/30/2017
Dennis Buckley 10/03/2017
Shawna Carey 10/12/2017
Jackie Carpenter 03/28/2017
Cheryl Cleveland 10/12/2017
Sandra Clowe 10/23/2017
David Corcoran 10/18/2017
Sheila Cory 07/10/2017
Sean Davis 03/28/2017
Curtis Declemente 03/05/2017
Dawn Dimon 06/05/2017
Nancy Dubendorfer 10/12/2017
Ralph Dubendorfer 10/12/2017
Sue Dublin 01/17/2017
Thomas Easton 02/08/2017
Robert Groll 09/19/2017
Cheryl Guild 08/15/2017
Robert Guild 03/07/2017
Christina Gurney 04/26/2017
John Hager 03/28/2017
Sara Hale 11/09/2017
Betty Hess 03/14/2017
John Hooper 10/12/2017
Deborah Hoose 11/17/2017
Leonard Todd Housel 09/03/2017
Margaret Hull 05/10/2017
RC Ike 10/12/2017
Jospeh Iles 10/12/2017
Becky James 10/05/2017
Karen Johnson 03/30/2017
Andrew Kachaylo 03/27/2017
Roger Katchuk 03/28/2017
Kelsey Kenney 03/04/2017
Steve Kettelle 10/12/2017
Henry Kimball 10/06/2017
Sandra King 03/29/2017
Koreen Knowlton 04/29/2017
Heidi Kohberger 03/28/2017
Kyle Kohberger 03/28/2017
Luella Korsky 06/08/2017
Tucker Kreamer 04/01/2017
Malvina Kushnir 10/12/2017
Tina Lando 07/16/2017
David Larrimore 09/28/2017
Joanne Laux 10/02/2017
Lisa Lilley 03/28/2017
Stephanie Littlefield 09/15/2017
Rachel Lochner 03/25/2017
Maureen LoPresto 02/18/2017
Alison Madden 02/05/2017
Kelly McKay 03/28/2017
Ruth McLennan 10/17/2017
A. William Meiklejohn 03/28/2017
Melissa Miller Fedrizzi 03/30/2017
Betty Montgomery 07/23/2017
David Moses 03/28/2017
Christopher Moshier 04/03/2017
Daniel Mower 03/29/2017
Rhonda Mullaney 10/12/2017
Matthew Mullen 03/30/2017
Amanda Osgood 06/15/2017
Renee Owen 10/03/2017
John Packard 07/10/2017
Patricia Page 10/12/2017
Donna Palmer Horton 10/12/2017
Pam Pariso 10/12/2017
David Pawlak 03/28/2017
Cheryl Peckham 10/12/2017
Katy Piet 05/16/2017
Ethan Quick 08/13/2017
Warren Radke 03/28/2017
Kamala Rice 01/25/2017
Carla Ridge 04/10/2017
Bobby Rodriguez 08/11/2017
Stephanie Rogers Robinson 10/03/2017
Theresa Rossettie 10/12/2017
Charles Rybak 10/12/2017
Jason Scarbrough 09/06/2017
Kathy Shaw Sellard 03/28/2017
Lori Shaylor 03/28/2017
John Sheets 08/17/2017
Heather Shupp 05/02/2017
Michelle Simmons 03/05/2017
Edith Spaulding 03/30/2017
Sherene Spencer Talor 10/12/2017
Edward Steinhauer 01/11/2017
James Styles 08/12/2017
Scott Swimley 10/12/2017
Donald Taylor 08/29/2017
Michael Terwilliger 10/12/2017
Mao-Fan James Wang 10/12/2017
Darlene Weiermiller 07/28/2017
Timothy Weiskopf 07/02/2017
Katherine Wich 09/29/2017
Phillip Wilson 07/02/2017
Wendy Winnett 03/28/2017
Eliza Woodard 04/30/2017
Molly Yarrington 01/31/2017